Rate Trends Tracker

Rate Trends Tracker

Monitor Competitive Rate Activity among your Competitors like you never have before.

Stay up to date on competitor rate activity.

Track your competitor rates in easy to understand reports and pull up to date data at any time.

Get more data insights than any other tool on the market.

Our resources are unmatched by any other rate tracking tool on the market. Our report allows you to track MORE competitors, from MORE sources, MORE frequently and for MORE dates.

Customize your reports and data to track competitors your way.

Set competitor groups and customize your reports to focus on the data that’s most important to your business and team.

Track and compare daily rate activity among your competitors.

Keeping up with your competition’s daily rate activity has never been easier and more detailed. Hotel Compete’s Rate Trends Tracker allows you instant access to a variety of information collected from multiple sources in an easy to understand report. Our goal is to do the comparing for you, so you can focus on the decisions.

Our report allows you to track MORE competitors, from MORE sources, MORE frequently and for MORE dates than any other tool on the market.

  • Track up to 12 competitors you select.
  • All rates sourced from the lowest rate available from brand.com, Priceline, Expedia, Booking.com and GDS.
  • Daily rate access for the next 90 check-in dates and one or two night lengths of stay.
  • Views of both fenced rates (Advance purchase, member rates, etc.) and Unfenced Rates (BAR rates).
  • Multiple views of the data. A Table view for the true data hounds and a graph view to cut and paste into your executive summary.
  • Ability to set a weighted "Market Reference Rate" so comparing your rate to the aggregate Compset makes more sense.
  • Finally, an algorithmic "market position rate" derived by Hotel Compete that gives you an "objective" view of where you should optimally be positioned within the competitive set.

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Control when you see the data, what you see and who your competitors are through easy tools.

Our report allows you to simply “hot refresh” to access our servers and grab our most up to date information. We update the data 5-6 times each day. Our client portal allows you to add/drop competitors easily and as often as you want. Changes are reflected no later than with the next morning’s report. Derive a “weighted market reference” rate so that your prime competition drives your competitive responses.

We stay up to date, so you don’t miss anything in your changing marketplace.

Tracking rate trends and changes within your competitors has never been easier and more robust. It is the rate tracking tool you have been waiting for.

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