Your Competition IS YOUR Business.

Understanding what your direct competitors are doing is critical
to your next strategic move.

Unique Approach to Monitoring Your Market

Booker's Eye View

Collecting the same information seen by potential customers for the best possible competitive analysis.

Dynamic Analysis

Shifting focus from simply rates to a holistic view of the customer decision making process.

Actionable Insights

Converting abundant amounts of data into efficient insights to increase overall revenue and grow market share.

Pro-Active Steps

A forward looking approach to changes in your marketplace to prevent share loss before it happens.

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Our Software Makes Sense of The Data

Stay Ahead of Your Competition with Our Suite of Tools

Comp Set Analyzer

Algorithmic approach to your true compset.
Assess market position in multiple variables.
Comparison to user selected compset.

Rate Trends Tracker

Daily update for the next 90 check-in dates.
Track up to 12 competitors at once.
Comparison to customizable market reference rate.

Ad Hoc Shopping

Unlimited shops within compset.
Quick results in 24 hours.
Single tools tracking all historical request.

Near Real Time Alerts

Hourly alerts delivered to your inbox daily.
Visible rate changes as they happen.
Alerts cover next 14 check-ins for up to 8 competitors.

Get to know our suite of monitoring products.

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