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Comp Set Analyzer




Basic Competitive Package

Enhanced Competitive Package

Complete Competitive Package

  • Objective Assessment of Potential Competitors
  • On-Demand report generation
  • Comparison of up to 100 potential competing properties
  • Up to Date data to help assess immediate changes in your market/area
  • Models uses location, pricing, hotel quality, hotel services, on-line review data and much more to assess your competition


$999/Annually or $90/month via credit card

  • Daily Updates
  • 90 days forward; 1 & 2 LOS
  • Extended Stay Shopping Patterns available (3, 7, 15 & 30 LOS)
  • Multiple Rate Type Comparisons (BAR, Fenced, Member, Loyalty Programs)
  • shopping (available on 85% of properties)
  • OTA “Parity” check against lowest available rate (Major OTAs only)
  • Up to 12 Competitors
  • Unlimited On-Demand Shopping for patterns outside standard report dates
  • Compset Management Tool for Adds/Drops
  • Includes complimentary Compset Analyzer Subscription


$1,199/Annually Or $110/month via credit card

  • Monitor your current rate/availability position against your competitors
  • Monitor your rate/availability position against a “optimal” position
  • Monitor your COMPETITORS rate/availability position against an “optimal” position
  • Identification of competitive threats and opportunities DAILY
  • Daily emails of opportunity and threat dates
  • Derived Competitor “weightings” to create market reference rate
  • Includes Complimentary Compset Analyzer Subscription
  • Includes Complimentary Rate Trends Tracker Subscription


$1,499/Annually Or $135/month via credit card

  • 12-week trend of Guest Review scores for your hotel and your competitors
  • Reviews collected from all major OTA/Review sites
  • Ratings normalized to common scale using Hotel Compete’s normalization algorithm
  • Comparison by Review Category
  • Comparison to and “extended” regional market to ensure you are aligned competitively
  • Details of each review received over the weeks
  • Updates daily


  • On-Demand comparison of to rates for next 30 days
  • Compare up to 5 OTA’s from a selection of OTA sites
  • Ability to add “bad actor” sites with minimal lead time.
  • Subscription based on on-request model, only pay when you need to update
  • Multiple Rate Type Comparison (BAR/Fenced)
  • Ability to view Rate Parity for your competitors (addition fees apply)

Per Request Pricing
(Approx $10/request)

  • Get property, geographic, rate and amenity information.
  • Get our proprietary Hotel Classification data for over 150,000 properties worldwide.

Starting at
$7,500 annually

  • Receive multiple-daily and weekly data feeds.
  • Connect to virtually any third-party program.
  • Feed to revenue management systems, web sites, management dashboards and motel.

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