Rate Momentum Monitor

Rate Momentum Monitor

The most difficult part of automation is determining the problematic dates and being able to zero in on those dates.

Rate Momentum Monitor is specifically designed to help you identify and react to the dates where your market position is most at risk.

Gives you a recommended competitor weighting, swat analysis, and aggregate rate performance metrics for the next 90 days and view your rate performance versus an optimal position within your Comp Set.


A comprehensive view of your current position within your compset. Track rate position, rank within compset and rate change volumes to ensure you are responsive to your competitors.

Quickly identify a competitive change within your Comp Set from a price index, rank index and rate change volume perspective.

Easily “zero in” on problematic dates and understand the competitive rate progression that contributed to the problem.

Rate Momentum Monitor Includes access to Comp Set Analyzer to assess your potential competitors from multiple perspectives and Rate Trends Tracker to monitor competitive rate activity among your competitors. So, you aren’t just getting ONE tool – you are getting THREE tools.

Easily identify problematic dates by selecting “scenarios” about your hotel’s position within your compset.

The tool allows you to see 90 days into the future to provide you ample time to react to changes in your marketplace.

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Once you have selected a problematic date, use the Published Rate Trends to identify when and how your position changed. Identify patterns so in the future you know what to look for and respond before you start losing revenue.

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